What Could Go Wrong?
Sometimes I do teenage things like cry over people that don't exist.


Hearing Centuries for the first timeimage

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The Adventures of George Washington (Part 2) by LadyHistory [more]

Previously: Part One

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Gotta be honest here, I’m pretty uncomfortable with how much skinny white cis-female nudity is on my dash at any one point during the day. Like I get it, skinny white cis-girls are so easily consumable and so rampantly consumed on this website but I kinda expect more from the people I follow. Not…

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This is what came out of my and Sargerny's conversation after the recent update. 

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Got my Mens Rights Activist costume ready for Halloween !

this is the greatest thing

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im mad i went so long thinking pink couldnt b my favorite color bc i ‘didnt wanna be like other girls’ bc society told me that liking pink made me ditsy and feminine and that that was bad……….. i love pink………… fck The Man….. paint the statue of liberty pink

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A gem from the car museum.

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if we are talking in person and i accidentally spit dont even call me out i saw it and im dead inside

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the incredibles 2 better have the original characters in it like

the kid who voiced dash is like 20 now

i don’t care if we have college age dash

i don’t care if violet is an adult

i don’t care if jack-jack is a preteen/teenager

keep them in it

in fact it’d be pretty cool if it was like this

really cool

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